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Prolonged sitting is linked to a long list of health issues, including lower-back pain and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Here are seven tips for increasing physical activity in the office.

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You’d like to mingle more with your co-workers, but every opportunity seems centered around eating and drinking. Don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to integrate your healthy lifestyle with your on-the-job social life, enabling you to boost your social capital while staying true to your health goals.

Studies show that healthy habits are strongly influenced by the people we spend time with, for better or for worse. Don’t let your co-workers’ negative health habits bring you down. Instead, be a positive role model for an active, healthy lifestyle and help build a corporate culture of health from the ground up.

Go For a Walk

  • Invite a co-worker to join you for a quick walk instead of a coffee or smoke break. You’ll have a chance to catch up on work or personal matters, and return to your work stations reenergized and focusing on the tasks at hand. Even a 15-minute walk can do wonders for your mood and creativity.
  • If you have a standing 1:1 meeting, suggest making it a walking meeting and reap the benefits of physical activity while getting the job done.
  • Take the stairs whenever possible and others will likely follow your example.
  • Take it one step further and organize a workplace walking group. Meet before or after work, during breaks or at lunch time for fun, fitness, and camaraderie.
  • Bring your lunches to a nearby park or other outdoor area. After eating, enjoy a walk together.
  • Visit a local bookstore, art gallery, or museum during your lunch break.

Team Training

  • Join a company-sponsored or community sports league and have fun playing basketball, softball, hockey or soccer with your work team.
  • Find a local fitness event, such as a 5K walk/run, walk-a-thon, or sprint triathlon and invite your colleagues to train together for the upcoming event.
  • If your workplace has an onsite gym or fitness classes, or if a nearby gym offers a corporate discount, participate.  It’s a great way to meet like-minded co-workers.
  • Help organize and promote an internal fitness event: Climb stairs to benefit a charity or create a pedometer step challenge.
  • Bicycle or walk to work. Find other employees who get to work on foot or on wheels and commute in together, if possible.
  • Take 2-minute stretch breaks throughout the day together.

Just For Fun

  • Organize a potluck, but bring a healthy dish to share and pay attention to your portion sizes.
  • Play Frisbee® or freeze tag on your lunch break.
  • Organize a weekend company day hike or volunteer to help organize active games at the employee picnic.
  • Volunteer as a work team to plant trees, clean up a park or walk dogs at the animal shelter.
  • If unwinding at a pub after work is part of your workplace culture, join in once in a while. Practice moderation, and if you don’t want to drink, order a sparkling water or orange juice.
  • Invite co-workers to your home for a barbeque and a backyard Badminton tournament.
  • Start an employee bowling league.
  • Invite a co-worker to join you for an after-work run, bicycle ride, or game of racquetball.

Social Success

Developing good relationships with the people you work with is important, not just for your career, but for your health. Don’t let your commitment to good health stop you from getting to know your co-workers. Take the initiative to be active at work and encourage others to join in. When you inspire your co-workers to make physical activity a priority, you create even more of the social support you need to keep yourself moving.

Original Article: https://www.acefitness.org/acefit/fitness-fact-article/3223/20-active-ways-to-be-social-at-work/

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profile2A healthy, thriving workforce makes for a healthier business. Investing in the health of employees reduces health cares costs, improves productivity and makes business stronger. According to the CDC, chronic diseases and related lifestyle risk factors are the leading drivers of health care costs for employers: About 86% of full-time workers are overweight or have at least one chronic illness, and those who fall into both categories miss hundreds of millions of days of work each year – resulting in over $153 billion in lost productivity annually. It is no surprise, then, that as of 2014, 73% of small companies and 98% of large companies offered at least one wellness program.

Understanding that fit, healthy employees lead to fit, healthy companies; employers are searching for effective and sustainable wellness solutions. Energy in Motion provides workplace group exercise classes and wellness seminars, allowing busy people to take a proactive approach to health, fitness and stress management. With the ever-increasing cost of healthcare, improving the overall health of employees by providing cost-effective fitness programs can help improve your bottom line.

A Society of Human Resource Management survey of 450 employers found 17 percent of employers offer on-site corporate fitness classes, up from 14 percent the year before. Our on-site group fitness classes bring exercise right to your workplace so you can save time and money. Exercising on-site is convenient and eliminates excuses for people not to be physically fit. Employees also associate exercise with fun, friendship and camaraderie which not only improves their health, but also reduces stress and reflects stronger relationships during the work day. Group exercise classes can be a great tool to keep fitness fresh and help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Tiffiny at Energy in Motion for more information.

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EIM Yoga ClassWe all know how illness and injury costs your company time, energy, and a lot of money. So naturally business owners and managers want to incorporate healthy living and activities to ensure employee health and happiness, which brings about subsequent increased productivity. There are several steps towards promoting well-being and healthy lifestyles that you can take to move your company and employees forward:

  • Offer on-site physical fitness or exercise facilities and/or activities. Having a gym or providing fitness classes gets your employees taking better care of themselves right away. Exercising on-site is convenient and eliminates excuses for people not to be physically fit. They also associate exercise with fun, friendship and camaraderie which not only improves their health, but also reflects stronger relationships during the work day.
  • Provide courses and seminars that are educational in nature. From healthy cooking and portion sizes to types of exercise and goal setting, seminars can help boost employee knowledge. Increased motivation and starting a healthy lifestyle discussions are other natural consequences which can prove tremendously important in developing a community of support.
  • Provide stretch breaks for employees. Stretch breaks are important and contribute to mental health and stability which have a direct impact on physical health and immune support. When employees have to work too long without a break, the mental toll it can take may result in burnout, turnover, unhappiness, and job dissatisfaction.
  • Allow for sick days and then permit your employees to use theirs without any guilt! When an employee comes to work sick, every other employee is at risk of developing the illness and most will get sick at about the same time, putting you as the employer in quite a bind. Some people are blessed with strong immune systems and will use few if any days. Others may be more likely to fall ill frequently and will feel even more obligated to force themselves into work; this not only puts others at risk but also lessens the employee’s capacity to recover and get back to work full-time.
  • Limit stress in the workplace…as much as possible. Obviously, most work days and places are stressful. From an ER nurse to the social worker to the sales clerk dealing with ill-tempered customers all day, the work day takes its toll. Increased blood pressure, sleeplessness, obesity, poor immune function, etc all result from too much stress and too little stress relief. Try to incorporate some team-building activities, potluck lunches, the occasional random afternoon off, and you’ll see results.

Work is hard enough – people need employers that are there for them as well as the customers or clients. Even the smallest companies can incorporate some of these changes and begin the process. Promoting a healthy lifestyle at work, where people spend the vast majority of their waking hours, is an absolute must.

Contact Energy in Motion to find out how you can improve the health and well-being at you company.

Tiffiny Marinelli, MS, CWPC

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pilatesSweating at work isn’t that foreign of a concept. Sweating at work to cool music in workout clothes-that’s a little different. Onsite group exercise classes for businesses are growing in popularity and for good reason. There are so many benefits, some that reach beyond losing weight and getting into shape. Here 3 reasons why onsite group exercise classes are beneficial for everyone in the office:

1. Mood and Morale

Have you ever heard of a “runners high”? When you’re working out hard you get in the zone and an upbeat feeling takes over. Exercise helps to boost the mood and overall morale of the office, causing a more pleasant and stress-free work environment. A lot of the everyday workplace tension gets released in a positive way, leaving people feeling calmer and more cheery.

2. Workplace Relations

Sometimes work can get so hectic that you don’t really have the time to interact socially. Other times you may just be feeling tired and not up to interacting with your coworkers. This can leave you feeling isolated and left out, leading to low morale and less productivity.

Group exercise classes are a social atmosphere that give people the opportunity to laugh, sweat and interact with coworkers in ways they may not have done before. This interactions leads to a better workplace environment and helps with a “team player” mentality.

3. Health!

Of course, the most obvious benefit is overall health. Just a half an hour to an hour a day can enhance your overall health and life longevity, as well as quality of life. Whether the goal is to lose weight or to just get a little extra cardio in, group exercises can be tailored to fit any individual’s fitness level and can help them reach their overall goals.

Companies also benefit from onsite group exercise classes with more fit employees that are less likely to get sick or have job related injuries like back problems and muscles strains. Having an onsite group exercise class can change the overall landscape of a company and can increase both the mood and productivity of workers. Employees will look forward to these classes as an opportunity to interact and get in shape and because of their proximity they will be able to help each other reach their fitness goals with a support system.

An Onsite group exercise class program is a win-win for everyone involved-employees get exercise training and employers have healthier, happier employees.

© 2014 Tiffiny Marinelli, Energy in Motion

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Energy in MotionWhen you want to remember something badly enough, what do you do? You write it down on a calendar. Today, we have paper calendars, online calendars, mobile calendars…you name it. All making it pretty hard to forget anything. So, why do we conveniently “forget” to take care of ourselves? Because we don’t schedule it!

Another easy way to include fitness into your busy day is to exercise at work. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a work site fitness program (and with Energy in Motion everyone should be fortunate enough!) you can still move and get your heart rate up. Talk a half hour walk; hit a 30-minute class at a local gym, etc. The best part is that your heart will benefit and your productivity will increase.

Contact us for more information on how to bring convenient and affordable exercise programs to your workplace.

Tiffiny Marinelli

Energy in Motion LLC

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Many of us who have traveled down the road of trying to get into shape know that, like in most of life, there’s strength in numbers. Individuals that have experienced the most success in losing weight and getting in better physical shape have a strong support structure. Exercise buddies and groups provide accountability, a sense of healthy competition, and an element of fun to an otherwise dreary-seeming endeavor: that of losing weight and exercising.

There are two main types of group exercise classes: anaerobic and aerobic. Any facility or business that offers on-site fitness activities would ideally incorporate both of these avenues. Anaerobic classes are typically strength and flexibility-based such as Pilates, yoga, tai chi, etc. These types of exercises are ideal for individuals with high stress as well as those who suffer from chronic illness or have limited mobility. Aerobic classes can include dance-based exercises such as Zumba, sports-related activities such as kickboxing, and traditional actions like step aerobics. These exercises help burn fat and build muscle. Because not all individuals have the same needs and capabilities, providing more than one type of activity is crucial.

Promoting workplace group exercise classes is easy; most Americans either want to lose weight or are under advisement by their doctors to do so. Anxiety about not knowing that to do, about feeling lonely, and a lack of motivation and accountability can all be remedied by providing group exercise classes. People enjoy their workouts more and look forward to the next class far more than they anticipate another session of working out alone. To really motivate and inspire people to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves, offering group exercise classes is the surest way to be successful.

For more information on bring group exercise classes to your workplace, please contact us at info@einmotion.com or 973-983-9554

Copyright 2013 Tiffiny Twardowsky, Energy in Motion LLC

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